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Malaysia Mindfulness Association (MMA) is a non-profit organization with the main aim to initiate and promote Mindful Living – a brand new Lifestyle which is based on self- awareness for enhancing physical, mental, and spiritual wellbeing of individuals, thereby fostering a benevolent and caring society. MMA was led by Dr Yeoh Kar Kheng, one of the leading pioneers in Mindfulness movement in Malaysia.

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What is Mindful Living

We believe Mindful Living could be your new Lifestyle.

Through the simple practices of ‘One Moment Mindfulness,’ ‘Mindful Walking’, ‘Mindful Driving’, ‘Mindful Eating’, ‘Mindful Conversation’ etc, 

We strongly encourage you to integrate Mindfulness into your everyday life for boosting your holistic wellbeing and happiness, thus, further cultivating a kind and caring Mindful society.

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Events and Activities

Public Seminars

Creating and developing the awareness on Mindfulness and promoting the concept of 'Mindful Living' to the general public.

Mindfulness Workshops

Developing as well as deepening the understanding and practice of Mindfulness with proper guidance and group support .

Mindful Outings

Establishing and strenghtening the ties of friendship among MMA members.

Media Interviews

Raising public awareness on the applications and benefits of Mindfulness via publicity.